DAY 16 (October 18th):still in Regensburg

burg u navi

We leave Regensburg heading north. Luckily it´s only the word “Regen” that is following us because we end up in Regenstauf. We meet a man in his forties sitting all by himself in a wheelchair at the river Regen. read more

DAY 15 (October 17th):Regensburg->…Regensburg


No rain in Regensburg today, so we decide to stay here. We like this city! There are so many different characters to see that we think we could do an IP Regensburg on its own.
Already in the park in front of the train station it´s hard to decide who we should ask first to make an interview with us. Amazing cast all around us. The people even start talking to us without being asked. read more

DAY 14 (October 16th): München->Regensburg


This is the first rainy day we´ve had so far. So it´s fair to say that we were pretty lucky the past few weeks. We are heading northeast, trying to escape from the snow that´s supposed to fall down in the south. We leave the Autobahn at Landshut and cruise through small villages in Niederbayern. read more

DAY 13 (October 15th): Zech->München


This morning we have to look at the postcards of our hotel to get an impression of the great mountain panorama that surrounds us…the ongoing cloudy weather accompanies our trip to Munich. Looking at the passing landscape while listening to music there are so much memories going through our heads of people we already met. read more

DAY 12 (October 14th): Hausen vor Wald->Zech


It is a perfect beginning of the day: a ferry ride across Germany’s biggest lake: the Bodensee. The mountains we expected to see are hidden behind clouds. But we see another mysterious thing in the hazy sky – a zeppelin. On the other side of the lake in Friedrichshafen, our first interview partner a powerful lady that has turned 90 two days before, tells us that this is the town of the zeppelin because the inventor Graf Zeppelin lived here. On her birthday, she fulfilled her dream of flying in a zeppelin. read more