DAY 21 (October 23rd):Kassel->Halle


Today we are driving towards East. In Göttingen we leave the Autobahn and head towards the Harz. On our way we see a man taking a walk in the bright morning sun near Krebeck where he lives. When we approach him in the middle of the green fields, he is wondering at first if he was supposed to have an appointment with us. We have a very fulfilling talk with him. read more

DAY 20 (October 22nd):Düsseldorf->Kassel


We are heading towards the East. Passing Dortmund we leave the Autobahn and cruise through the hilly landscape of the Möhnetal. At the Möhnesee, where a lot of men are putting on their diving suits and disappear, we want to talk to a fisherman. read more

DAY 19 (October 21st):Bonn->Düsseldorf


The day begins with a breathtaking sunrise over the river Rhine. Beethoven is in the air.
Near the university in Bonn, in the park Hofgarten, we try to find somebody to talk with, but most of the students are still asleep.
We move on towards Cologne. We leave the Autobahn and cruise through the countryside, passing factories, sheep, and windmills, all bathed in the bright sunshine. read more

DAY 18 (October 20th):Nürnberg->Bonn


Today is a driving day. Towards Frankfurt we pass through Aschaffenburg where we spot a cute grandma in a café – unfortunately she’s on a granny date with some pals and doesn’t have time to chat. Hearing strangers speak, we get an impression of the local dialect: close to Hessen, Aschaffenburg becomes „Aschebersch“. read more

DAY 17 (October 19th):Regensburg->Nürnberg

parken verboten

We leave in the early morning towards Nürnberg. We drive through many small towns and villages in Franken like Altdorf, Leinburg, Hetzles, Lauf an der Pegnitz and see a lot of old houses, alltogether we get perfect German impressions. read more