DAY 9 (October 11th): Würzburg->Stuttgart

The Monday in Baden-Württemberg is a better day for interviews than the Sunday in Bavaria. We crossed the river Main to change the federal state.

During our first interview in the garden of a wealthy neighbourhood in Bettingen, we almost get arrested by the police: A very upset woman interrupts us loud-voiced by jumping in front of the camera. She is the daughter of the nice old man who just let us in so we could talk to him. Her iPhone is connected with the observation cameras of her house. What an app! When she saw the film team running through her garden on her iPhone, she called the police, jumped into her sports car and drove to her house. Fortunately, we could convince her to cancel the police array and in the end, she allowed us to finish the interview with her lovely father.

We drive on along the Main heading to Wertheim and spot a hitchhiker along the road. We sit down together nearby the river to listen to his astonishing life story.

Our next rewarding stop is Waldhausen. A fantastic looking 80-year-old man is sitting in the afternoon sun on a bench under a pear tree and willing to talk to us. His whole life was dedicated to work, work, work. There is a regional saying in this area, it’s called: work, work, built a house! (Schaffe, schaffe, Häusle baue!) It is describing the work mentality, Germany is known for.

At night we arrive in Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg.