DAY 8 (October 10th): Kassel->Würzburg

Sunday – the day of the lord. It´s a foggy morning with bright sunshine. In the breakfast room of the hotel the people say “Morsche” [special dialect for saying Good Morning in the state of Hessen] instead of “Guten Morgen” , so we also say Morsche. We leave Kassel travelling south.

We are keen on seeing Bavaria. We reach the wonderful hilly landscape of the Bavarian Rhön area, drive through small villages that remind us of skiing resorts. The challenge today: We mainly come across animals, it´s not that easy to meet people. The main reason is that it is Sunday. Church bells are ringing and the streets are filled with people in their best Sunday dresses. They are all heading in the same direction but nobody has time for us because it is time for going to church. That´s Bavaria. Until church is finished the streets are almost empty.

We are entering the Spessart forest, drive along the river Main. We enjoy the autumn landscape but still it´s not easy to find people because now it´s lunchtime. We learn a bit Bavarian. Forget “Guten Tag”, now it´s time to say “Grüß Gott”. When we arrive in Zell, we find a man who says that God has sent us to him. He might be right. We have an intense interview with this former prisoner who turned his life around.

We reach Würzburg and meet a wonderful 88-year-old lady taking her dog for a walk. She tells us that she walked from Berlin to Würzburg after the war. It took her two months in total. And we just draw the comparison that it only took us 8 days by car to get here…

We will move on tomorrow.