DAY 7 (October 9th): Goslar->Kassel

High pressure area “Marcel” with his strong east wind is giving us fantastic autumn light.We leave Goslar and pass the multi-coloured forest, the hills and the shining lakes of the Harz. The air is so clear that every piece of the nature can be seen in its unique colour. WOW !

The Harz is a special area, the nature looks old and untouched. In the shadow of the hills, the woods are dark and seem a bit eerie. It´s not hard to imagine that every moment, a witch or the seven dwarfs are coming around the corner. No wonder that the Harz is known for its legends of the witches, here is the Blocksberg situated where the witches dance every year on the 30th of April.

So we are not surprised that our interview partner, a 47 years old woman from Clausthal, tells us that she has been a witch in a former life and that she was burned then. We like the big old wooden houses in hilly Clausthal and the diversity of the neighbourhoods.

In the golden light of the late afternoon we drive to Kassel. In the hotel lobby is a cowboy-party, which is held by the chiropody association of Kassel. Weird.