DAY 6 (October 8th): Hannover->Goslar

The day begins in Hannover. Inevitably, there are always some things that keep you from doing what you´d like to do… most of the time these are random and trivial things like the internet which doesn´t work or messengers who don´t arrive with the needed deliveries.

We start three hours later as it was planned, but usually everything that is annoying at first is for the best in the end. Just like it is on this day. If we had left in time, we wouldn´t have met Slim standing on a sideway in Sehnde. He just realized that he forgot his keys and now has to wait 2 hours for his girlfriend ito get back into the house. So we spend those hours together and have an amazing interview with this young guy dressed in black and a small cat with white fur at his side.

We drive on and pass through towns called Wassel, Mehrum or Schwicheldt and have some déjà vus in the suburbian neighbourhoods with their typical frontgardens. We listen to German smash hits on the radio. Now we come across some very old houses in the typical German “Fachwerk“ style [half-timbered houses].

We arrive in Salzgitter. One nice old man doesn´t want to talk to us because he claims to be a criminal and does not want to expose himself to the camera. But then we find Jörg sitting on a bench. He sings his favourite song for us.

Finally, we end up in Goslar. It resembles a fairy tale Germany and we feel like having been taken back to medieval times and end up singing old miner songs while holding hands with unknown people.

Now we arrived in the middle of Germany.