DAY 5 (October 7th):Oldenburg->Hannover

As we wake up in Oldenburg, we come to realize that it is finally autumn. Interview Project Germany is facing a new challenge: there´s fog everywhere, you can´t see the houses on the other side of the street which makes it hard for us to spot people… So we are heading towards the south. Today, the main activity of the people is raking the autumn leafs in their gardens just like a nice old man in Lohne. We start talking to him. But he is so deeply sad about the loss of his wife four years ago that he starts crying and can´t hardly stop. All of us are very touched by that situation. We sit quitely in the van while we are driving on.

We make a break at a bakery in Lohne. The sandwiches with Kasseler [special kind of meat in Germany] and Kraut [cabbage] taste a bit strange. Along the way, we find a nice old couple in Steinfeld. We are a bit afraid of the wives because they usually try to stop their husbands from talking to us. But this nice woman is encouraging her shy man to do the interview who calls himself an “Otto Normalverbraucher” [Average Joe].

In the late afternoon, luck is on our side again when a 93-year-old man crosses our way in Bad Oyenhausen. His life experience is very deep and listening to him is like reading a book, you don´t want to finish. We watch him driving away in his wheelchair. It´s already getting dark. We drive to Hannover to find a place to sleep.