DAY 4 (October 6th): Bremen->Oldenburg

We leave Bremen towards Delmenhorst. The whole day we drive through towns with very similar neighbourhoods. It feels like being in a labyrinth of resembling houses and front gardens. Everything is very clean and nicely in order. On our way to Dünsen we pass an old farm with a nice looking man watering his flowers. We decide to turn around to ask him for an interview. Instead, he surprisingly brings our van to a halt by standing in the middle of the road with the watering can in his hand. He is accusing us of working for Google Street View. It takes some time to calm him down, but we can´t persuade him to give us an interview.

We move on. Everywhere it smells like barn and dung. We are driving through one of the biggest meat production areas of Germany. In Schwichteler we are lucky and cross the way of a young couple. He just brought her baby to sleep and so she´s willing to talk to us. We are driving on and enter Cappeln where a lot of Germans with Russian roots live. We talk to an old man with a nice hat who is rolling his dustbin out on the street. We can convince him to give us an interview. While we are setting up the cameras, more and more of the old man´s relatives are coming into the garden and it is getting quite crowded there.

Even though we were already on our way to Oldenburg, we spot an older farmer sitting on a bench in front of his house. It looks like he is waiting for us and it is great talking to a 83-year-old man who lead and is still leading a simple and happy life. And finally in his barns, we see the origins of the smell that was accompanying us the whole day.