DAY 3 (October 5th): Hamburg->Bremen

We leave Hamburg and head towards the west. We pass faceless cities like Utersen or Elmshorn. They all look the same and it feels like that their own unique history is missing. Unfortunately, the Jack Nicholson of Elmshorn has no time to talk to us because at home lunch is waiting.

So October 5th turns out to be an interview day only with the ladies. In Holm, we meet an open-hearted woman working in the midday sun in her garden. She loves it when people cross her way. That is why our encounter is more than welcome. We are lucky again in Glückstadt (‘Glück’ is the german word for ‘luck’). We get a beautiful impression of a 77-years-old woman, talking about the love of her life. Love is the bond which connects one with the other.

We enjoy the ferry passing the river Elbe while the sun is setting. The view is wide and we can smell the sea. We drive further towards Bremen, eating the delicious pears we got from the garden in Holm.