DAY 25 (October 27th):Potsdam->Berlin

Today is a very special day: it´s the last of our trip. We walk out into the freezing morning air of Potsdam, and are lucky enough to meet a lovely 80-year-old woman who happens to be taking her dog for a walk.
She is tough enough to sit down in the cold and opens up, giving us her life story. Potsdam, with its friendly people and pretty, old buildings, seems like a nice place to live. We drive on over the Glienicker Brücke, the bridge that divided the former GDR from the West, and suddenly we’re back in Berlin, the city where we began our journey four weeks ago.
In Schöneberg we pass a young man wearing a black martial arts outfit; he turns out to be an American artist who has lived in Berlin for four years. He is just heading to a scrap dealer to collect some iron for his work. The interview with him is a charming mixture of English and German.
We go on towards Kreuzberg, where we find an inspiring diversity of people on the streets. In the Görlitzer Park we spot a man with dreadlocks practising tricks on his little bike. His will be the last interview of IP Germany.
It begins to rain just after he answers our final question.

We can’t believe our luck. We finish on a high.

Throughout the trip, the sun has seemed to have been on our side – we would like to thank all the wonderful people who have taken the time to speak with us over the last month.