DAY 24 (October 26th):Dresden->Potsdam

Today we head further East. Cottbus is our destination. The day soon becomes filled with half-finished interviews. We meet a lot of interesting people, and many are happy to talk with us. Yet with each person we meet, some difficulty occurs: worried mothers, sudden fear, disruptive policemen, or coughing fits. Despite these obstacles, we won´t forget Anett, Eckhard and the man with the blue glasses. We keep driving in circles around Cottbus, a town that we just can’t quite get a grasp on.
At the train station we spot a fancy looking young man. First we think it´s the goth we’ve been looking for since Leipzig. On closer inspection, we see that he is dressed in a more Japanese style, inspired by Manga and fantasy computer games. In any case, he seems pretty interesting, and, fortunately, he’s keen to take part in the Interview Project.
We drive on to Potsdam. Despite the cold evenings, we still manage to find a few people hanging around the train station. We get to know a real Hertha BSC fan who is famed from here to Siberia. He tells us his amazing life story.
We get lost inside our hotel, recallling past room numbers from weeks of travel. It’s good, we think, that we’re finally nearing our base: Berlin.