DAY 23 (October 25th):Leipzig->Dresden

Chemnitz, formally known as Karl-Marx-Stadt, turns out to be a very rewarding stop. The Eastern European atmosphere still hangs in the air. We spot a lot of interesting people, but it’s hard to decide which ones to approach.
Today we are lucky with the 20-somethings. First we meet a self confident woman with deep red hair, who amazes us with her seemingly innumerable experiences – it turns out she’s only just turned 24. Afterwards we eat the most delicious donuts we’ve had this whole trip, and come across another young woman, this time with black hair, who used to be deeply involved in Chemnitz’s Techno scene. The interview with her takes longer than she expected, and she begins to worry she’ll be late for school. We drive her there.
In a park close to the impressive Karl Marx monument we come across a young man taking a walk. He tells us that he often thinks about how interesting it would be to interview all the people who hang around the park, and naturally understands our request. He sits with us, and we talk.
We arrive in Dresden in the evening, and are overwhelmed by the view along the Elbe, which is lined with splendid old buildings. We turn in, looking forward to seeing the river in the daylight.