DAY 22 (October 24th):Halle->Leipzig

On a sunny morning like this, Halle is a place we could stay forever. In Halle-Neustadt we drive through the district of Plattenbauten, a visually impressive area where a lot of apartments seem to be vacant. A man with a bicycle and a woollen cap is coming towards us – it turns out he’s on his way home, to “Mutti”, his wife. We deftly talk him round to doing a quick interview, and he thoroughly enjoys, for the first time in his life, being a filmstar.
We move on towards Leipzig, and pass the old train station – an enormous and beautiful building. We ask a man in his thirties walking on the pavement if he wants to talk with us. He claims to be very shy, but somehow musters the courage to say yes.
Driving on through the streets of Leipzig we’re keen to track down a goth. We’ve hear that the city is home to a deep and dark goth scene, but on such a sunny afternoon, there are no creatures of the night in sight.
We decide to stay here, looking forward to exploring Germany’s Eastern reaches tomorrow.