DAY 21 (October 23rd):Kassel->Halle

Today we are driving towards East. In Göttingen we leave the Autobahn and head towards the Harz. On our way we see a man taking a walk in the bright morning sun near Krebeck where he lives. When we approach him in the middle of the green fields, he is wondering at first if he was supposed to have an appointment with us. We have a very fulfilling talk with him.

When we enter the Harz there is a special atmosphere because the air is full of smoke. A lot of people put on some kind of bonfires in their gardens. We are back in the mystical region known for its witches. But this time we go further to the East part of Germany.

We cruise through Bad Sachsa and Ellrich and we really like that the diverse character of the towns we pass through. Some streets remind us of Wild Western towns.

In Nordhausen we come across a wonderful old garden full with chickens and geese where a powerful woman with red hair is occupied with gardening. She´s willing to talk to us although she doesn´t feel appropriatly dressed considering her working clothes. But we think she´s just pretty as she is. Our bags are packed with apples from her trees when we leave. We were lucky to meet so many nice people so far.

We arrive in Halle when it´s already dark.