DAY 20 (October 22nd):Düsseldorf->Kassel

We are heading towards the East. Passing Dortmund we leave the Autobahn and cruise through the hilly landscape of the Möhnetal. At the Möhnesee, where a lot of men are putting on their diving suits and disappear, we want to talk to a fisherman. But right in the moment when we aproach him, the fish has taken the bait. Lucky for him, but no interview for us. He´s too busy dealing with the big fish.

So we move on and in Allagen we come across a man who was just practicing gymnastic excercises. He likes to talk to us and plays some songs on his mouth organ for us.

Moving on to Warstein we drive over a hill with a wonderful view over the Arnsberger Forest. There we meet a man who came from Kosovo 40 years ago to work here. He is proud that he made it in Germany and loves this country.

In the evening we end up in Kassel again. We think it was meant for us to be here for the second time. And we are right: directly in front of our hotel we meet a very special character with poetic talents and make the third interview of the day with him.