DAY 2 (October 4th): Lübeck->Hamburg

From Lübeck, we drive through the countryside towards Hamburg. This day begins as the day of the dead ends. The autumn sun is pale, the leafs are getting more and more colourful.

In Bad Oldesloe – we call it bad old shoe – we meet an old man in front of the post office. He would like to give us an interview but only in a cafe. It turns out to be too crowded for us. Instead of an interview we take care of his two letters and buy him some stamps. We then decide to move on.

We are keen on getting to Rümpel. The town sounds like the home of the German fairy-tale “Rumpelstilzchen” (Rumpelstiltskin). We reach Rümpel, but there is no Stilzchen. We cruise through the streets and spot a man with a sailors’ cap, who is just starting to tear down a wall in his garden. We luckily can stop him and talk with him about his life.

Driving on, we try to remember the whole story of Rumpelstilzchen and wonder how the Rumpelstilzchen song is in English…