DAY 19 (October 21st):Bonn->Düsseldorf

The day begins with a breathtaking sunrise over the river Rhine. Beethoven is in the air.
Near the university in Bonn, in the park Hofgarten, we try to find somebody to talk with, but most of the students are still asleep. We move on towards Cologne. We leave the Autobahn and cruise through the countryside, passing factories, sheep, and windmills, all bathed in the bright sunshine. In Brüggen we meet a very nice man who wants nothing more than to fix his fishing equipment, but lets us interview him in his garage. Another strange experience of getting to know someone, very deeply, over a very short period.
Still thinking about him we come across Franz, a former coalminer, with his bicycle. He has had to leave his home because of arguments with his wife, and so he has the time and the inclination to talk to us on the streets of Kerpen. We go on to Düsseldorf, past villages like Ahe, Höllen, and Titz, and cross the Rhine. It´s time for an Alt-Bier.