DAY 18 (October 20th):Nürnberg->Bonn

Today is a driving day. Towards Frankfurt we pass through Aschaffenburg where we spot a cute grandma in a café – unfortunately she’s on a granny date with some pals and doesn’t have time to chat. Hearing strangers speak, we get an impression of the local dialect: close to Hessen, Aschaffenburg becomes „Aschebersch“.

We want to get out of the rain and follow the weatherman’s directions to head south for sunshine. Passing through Seligenstadt, Ipstein, and Limbach, we arrive at the beautiful and broad Taunus landscape: bright blue spots begin to appear in the cloudy sky.

In Hennethal we cross paths with feisty looking old woman on the way to visit her son. She takes some time to answer our questions. Afterwards she invites us for a coffee but we have to move on: we’re desperate to reach the Rhineland that we’ve heard so much about. Our route is dotted with fairytale castles, so that driving through Limburg seems a little like a visit to Disneyland. Sun has broken through and the evening light is amazing. We even see a rainbow.

It´s fantastic to finally see the great river Rhine. We’re greeted by photos on the wall of our hotel in Bonn– but they’re not of employees of the week, or former proprietors. Here, in the former German capital, past chancellors and presidents of Germany are venerated like adored family members.