DAY 17 (October 19th):Regensburg->Nürnberg

We leave in the early morning towards Nürnberg. We drive through many small towns and villages in Franken like Altdorf, Leinburg, Hetzles, Lauf an der Pegnitz and see a lot of old houses, alltogether we get perfect German impressions. Not many people are on the streets, no wonder, it´s cold and rainy. But there are still some working outside, preparing their gardens and fields for the upcoming snow.

A sweet old woman says that she´s too shy to make an interview. She is so lovely though because she picks some flowers in her garden for us instead.

In Neunhof we meet a woman who says she was also just looking for someone to talk to. Perfect coincidence! And there´s a sheltered place quite next to us where we are able to sit down. She believes in a divine providece. From her we receive the next present: the bible.
We move on to Nürnberg and eat one of our favourite meals: Schnitzel.

Question of the past three days: What does “Kendileng” mean??