DAY 16 (October 18th):still in Regensburg

We leave Regensburg heading north. Luckily it´s only the word “Regen” that is following us because we end up in Regenstauf. We meet a man in his forties sitting all by himself in a wheelchair at the river Regen. Before we came he was already reflecting on his life so he continues contemplating, this time in the our presence and the camera. He hates sitting in this chair and even more that he had to sell his computer with all his favourite music on it so he could afford buying a wheelchair.

In Burglengenfeld we come across a young woman who is able to take a break from work and sits down with us at the old railroad tracks. The villages we drive through afterwards seem a little bit sleepy on this grey autumn day. But in Dietldorf, we meet a very agile old man with an old hat who is willing to sit with us at the river Vils. His bright laughter about all the twists and turns in his life is contagious.

We come “home” to Regensburg in the evening again to pick up our laundry. Tomorrow we will manage to say goodbye to this city, taking a lot of memories with us.