DAY 15 (October 17th):Regensburg->…Regensburg

No rain in Regensburg today, so we decide to stay here. We like this city! There are so many different characters to see that we think we could do an IP Regensburg on its own.
Already in the park in front of the train station it´s hard to decide who we should ask first to make an interview with us. Amazing cast all around us. The people even start talking to us without being asked.

Thus we make four interviews today with one man who has discovered the meaning of life, a student who is so happy to begin his independent life here, a young woman from Kosovo and an amazingly young looking 78- year-old lady who lived happily in Regensburg ever since.

We have a “deftiges” (opposite of low fat) meal in a Bavarian restaurant and begin to feel at home here…