DAY 14 (October 16th): München->Regensburg

This is the first rainy day we´ve had so far. So it´s fair to say that we were pretty lucky the past few weeks.

We are heading northeast, trying to escape from the snow that´s supposed to fall down in the south. We leave the Autobahn at Landshut and cruise through small villages in Niederbayern. We spot a lot of original characters. In Altheim we would love to talk to a man with a golden armor chain and impressive muscles who works as a carney on fairs, but he is just on his way to buy a new car.

So we arrive in Kläham at the right time, because during lunchtime we run into an old Bavarian lady who is just coming home. We sit with her in front of the old schoolhouse where she lives. She loves to tell us about her long life in a broad Bavarian dialect, she is singing songs and remembering dance steps. Our visit reminds her of her brother Sepp who never came back from the war. We say goodbye over and over again.

We arrive in REGENSburg* in the evening, and in the rain.

* [REGEN=rain]