DAY 12 (October 14th): Hausen vor Wald->Zech

It is a perfect beginning of the day: a ferry ride across Germany’s biggest lake: the Bodensee. The mountains we expected to see are hidden behind clouds. But we see another mysterious thing in the hazy sky – a zeppelin. On the other side of the lake in Friedrichshafen, our first interview partner a powerful lady that has turned 90 two days before, tells us that this is the town of the zeppelin because the inventor Graf Zeppelin lived here. On her birthday, she fulfilled her dream of flying in a zeppelin.

We drive along the coast, appletrees are everywhere and the lake seems endless. We arrive in Lindau, Bavaria again. But while we are driving over a bridge, we suddenly realize that we just entered Austria, so we make a U-turn immediately.

In Zech (Lindau), we come across a young Turkish woman who is spontaneous enough to tell us about her life.

When we drive on towards the Zugspitze, we are upset about leaving Germany again…but we like the Austrian radio program. At Germany‘s highest mountain, we don´t see a thing because the Zugspitze is covered in clouds. But the “mountain feeling” gets us nevertheless. We are curious what we will see tomorrow morning when we look out of the window.

Question of the day: What´s the weird vegetable they put in the middle of the “Leberkässemmel” [a type of meat loaf popular in a bun]?