DAY 11 (October 13th): Pforzheim -> Hausen vor Wald

When we wake up, Pforzheim is covered in fog. The foggy weather accompanies us on our way to Freiburg. Down there we enter another part of the black forest. Sun breaks through the fog, the light is magic. Overwhelmed by this nature impressions we get deeper and deeper into the forest. At a small chapel on the hill, we wish someone was here so we could make an interview because the setting is so magnificent. But we haven’t seen anyone for a long time.

Suddenly we are stuck on the road. The car won’t move up the hill anymore. We try everything, but there is no way out of this situation. We leave the car behind and walk until we reach some houses. It’s a small town called Buchenbach. The first farmer we meet is very friendly and wants to help us immediately. He is coming with his tractor to rescue us. So now there is a person at this amazing spot and furthermore he is willing to make an interview with us. A happy moment! We call it “der Hammer”! [It was “the bomb”]

Sunshine enlightens the green landscape as we drive to the lake Titisee. We dream about “Dürüm Döner” on our way and get lucky at the entrance of Neuhausen where we find a turkish snack point. We would love to talk to the young owner, but unfortunately he is too shy. But in Hausen vor Wald we see a couple working in the garden. They don’t only give us the biggest biological apples we’ve ever seen, but also the second rewarding interview of this adventurous day.