DAY 10 (October 12th): Stuttgart->Pforzheim

While reading the newspaper during breakfast in Stuttgart we wonder about the difficult German language when we see the spelling of words like “Untersuchungsausschuss” (investigation committee)…

We leave the city and finally enter the black forest. According to the myth, gnomes inhabit the forest. The legend proofs us wrong because we don´t spot any of these creatures and in this golden autumn light the forest is not really black. But honestly: it’s just amazing being so close to this beautiful nature.

This Tuesday is another day for the people in Baden-Württemberg to prove the cliché: in this perfect weather everybody is busy with work. Picking fruits, gardening, cleaning, chopping cabbage, cooking jam… The Philippine woman we meet in Neuhausen while she’s cutting flowers is willing to take a break so she can talk to us. During that one hour long interview in her garden, her neighbour manages to clean just one window through which she is “inconspicuously” observing us.

When we drive through Bad Liebenzell, we pass a Santa Claus look-alike but unfortunately the bench on which he’s sitting is too close to the noisy main road which would have interfered with the sound quality of the interview. Thus we have to leave him behind. But we meet another wonderful interview partner who is just mowing his big front yard. He proudly tells us that he created it all by himself.

We move on and reach Pforzheim. After all this beauty surrounding us the whole day, we’re now in the middle of an industrial shopping area. Probably the contrasts keep life from getting too boring.