Interview Project Germany is going into postproduction


What an amazing trip through Germany we have had. The people we met on our journey were incredible individuals, and we can’t wait to begin the editing process and start post-production. Thank you very much to all of those who allowed us to speak with them.
We look forward to sharing each episode with you starting in Spring 2011! read more

DAY 25 (October 27th):Potsdam->Berlin


Today is a very special day: it´s the last of our trip. We begin in the freezing morning air of Potsdam, and are lucky enough to meet a lovely 80-year-old woman who happens to be taking her dog for a walk. We drive on over the Glienicker Brücke, the bridge that divided the former GDR from the West, and suddenly we’re back in Berlin, the city where we began our journey four weeks ago. read more

DAY 24 (October 26th):Dresden->Potsdam


Today we head further East. Cottbus is our destination. The day soon becomes filled with half-finished interviews. We meet a lot of interesting people, and many are happy to talk with us. Yet with each person we meet, some difficulty occurs: worried mothers, sudden fear, disruptive policemen, or coughing fits. read more

DAY 23 (October 25th):Leipzig->Dresden


Chemnitz, formally known as Karl-Marx- Stadt, turns out to be a very rewarding stop. The Eastern European atmosphere still hangs in the air. We spot a lot of interesting people, but it’s hard to decide which ones to approach. Today we are lucky with the 20-somethings. First we meet a self confident woman with deep red hair, who amazes us with her seemingly innumerable experiences – it turns out she’s only just turned 24. read more

DAY 22 (October 24th):Halle->Leipzig


On a sunny morning like this, Halle is a place we could stay forever. A man with a bicycle and a woollen cap is coming towards us – it turns out he’s on his way home, to “Mutti”, his wife. We deftly talk him round to doing a quick interview, and he thoroughly enjoys, for the first time in his life, being a filmstar. read more